Fee Rate Program

National Commercial Services handles first placement business-to-business domestic and international delinquent accounts.  We collect on a contingency fee basis and do not charge up front fees or sign up charges for our services.  We only charge a fee if we are successful in collecting money for you. No collection, no fee.

Standard Claims* (aged no more than 150 days)

15% - Accounts $50,000.00 or more

18% - Accounts $25,000.00-$49,999.99

20% - $Accounts $5,000.00-$24,999.99

25% - Accounts $500-$4,999.99

50% - Accounts $200-$499.99

* All accounts placed that are aged more than 150 days are collected at a negotiated rate.  All rates are subject to change as agreed with the client.  Anticipated placements volume, average balances to be placed and aging will determine final rates.