Monthly Updates

We strive to keep all clients informed on the current status of their placed claims.  Monthly status reports on all open accounts are available upon request.  In addition, our collection representatives can provide updates at any time by phone, mail, fax or email.

Client Remittances 

All funds collected during the course of a calendar month are reported and remitted monthly on or about the 15th business day of the following month

Legal Forwarding

Should your accounts require litigation to collect, or we feel the debtor company will only respond to a collection attorney, we will seek your authorization to place the claim with a bonded attorney located within your debtor company's jurisdiction. When a claim is forwarded for legal action, the next contact with the debtor  will be from the selected attorney.  Clients are responsible for the filing fees and court costs associated with your case should litigation become necessary.  None of these costs will be incurred without your prior authorization.